how to use a yoga bolster

How To Use A Yoga Bolster: Easy Modifications To Make Asanas Accessible

To someone that is just starting out on their yoga journey, the path is no doubt daunting. Seemingly basic poses like downward dog, bridge pose, forward folds, etc. can be out of reach for most beginners due to a lack of flexibility and mobility.

This initial inertia discourages most beginners from committing to the practice and seeing tangible changes in their body & mind.

Fortunately, a simple prop, like a yoga bolster is just what you need to make these foundational asanas easy and accessible. 

Read on to know more.

backbend on Kosha Yoga Co. Yoga Mat

Urdhva Dhanurasana (Upward-facing Bow Pose): Open your Heart to Backbends

Opening up your heart can make you feel vulnerable, but I promise you, beyond vulnerability lies victory, strength and confidence. Think of a runner crossing the finish line – he throws his arms out wide and pushes his chest forward, you’re going to feel the same when you achieve the heart opener that you’ve been prepping for. Read more to find out how to progress in to back-bends