Kosha yoga co founders harneet alok jayakar

Kosha Yoga Co. was founded by me, Harneet and my husband, Alok. The brand was born as a result of my futile search for the perfect yoga mat.

Being a certified yoga teacher, I knew first-hand how difficult it was to find high-quality, high-value yoga products in India, and so we embarked on a journey to change this once and for all.

Kosha Yoga Co Founder Harneet In Eka Pada Rajakapotasana King Pigeon Yoga Pose On Yoga Mat

In keeping with the philosophy of Yoga, we wanted to ensure that all of our activities impacted the environment and our community in a positive way.

We use natural materials like 100% biodegradable rubber, natural cork, organic cotton, flaxseed, organic buckwheat, etc. for our products wherever possible. 

We also support Kalote Animal Trust, a shelter that does incredible work caring for rescued animals, by donating a part of our proceeds and plant two trees for every order placed on our website, in an attempt to offset our carbon footprint.

As we grew we understood the incredible opportunity and responsibility we had to impact lives through our work. 

So, we decided to make ancillary products that didn’t have to be produced in factories, but could be made by hand. We provide basic skills training, employment and an opportunity to better the lives of underprivileged people, living in urban fringe communities. 

Currently we work with 5 super-women from Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum, who hand-make our Yoga bags, meditation cushions and eye-pillows. Seeing their eagerness to grow and learn, we aim to soon have an entire range of products, that are made in Dharavi.

Kosha Yoga Co Sustainable Yoga Mats Apparel Accessories Made By Yoga Teachers

Even though adopting such sustainable practices is both time consuming and expensive, through Kosha Yoga Co. we’re committed to developing an ethical and responsible brand that is truly representative of the core values of yoga.