The Grippiest Yoga Mats, Ever.

PUre Couture Yoga Mats

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After being tired of practising on yoga mats that were dangerously slippery, crumbled after every practice and slid all over, Harneet set out to make her version of the perfect yoga mat.

Yoga mats that don't slip, slide or move, mats that inspire you to commit to your practice.

Consciously crafted by yoga teachers, for everyone.


Non - Slip: Eco-PU top for unmatched grip. 100% natural rubber base does not slip, shift, or slide.

Perfect Cushioning: Natural rubber base provides the right blend of comfort, balance and stability.

Sweat Absorbent: Open-celled top layer absorbs sweat and provides grip even through the sweatiest practices.

Longer & Wider: Longer and wider than most standard mats provides ample room to stretch.

Consciously Created: Bio- degradable natural rubber & recycled PU. No latex, PVC, or toxic glues.



  • 6ft 1" long, 2ft 3" wide 
  • 4.5m or 5.5mm or 6.5mm thick 
  • 2.8Kgs or 3.3Kgs or 3.8Kgs respectively

All our mats come with a complimentary carrying strap.

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- Our PUre Mats are designed to be used barefoot.

- After a sweaty practice allow your PUre Yoga mat to dry before you roll it up.

- Never Crease Or Fold Your PUre Yoga Mat.

- To clean, use a drop of mild soap heavily diluted with water. Wipe the mat gently with a non-abrasive sponge and leave to dry. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

- Clean your mat after every 8-10 uses. Over-cleaning and scrubbing the mat can wear them out faster. 

- Do not use any chemical cleaners, essential oils, or mat sprays. 

Giving back

Caring for society

A part of your purchase goes towards empowering lives of our differently-abled friends at Maee Bal Bhuvan, a home for the blind.

Caring for the environment 

A part of your purchase goes towards helping our partners at Kalote Animal Trust

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Kosha yoga co PUre yoga mat features
pure yoga mats

The Grippiest Yoga Mats, Ever.

Sweat-absorbent, recycled-PU top heat bonded to a 100% natural rubber base that will not shift, slip or slide on any surface.

Open-celled layer absorbs sweat instantly, giving you grip even through the sweatiest practices. 

Proprietary matte-PU top is 40% more resistant to scratched & folds. 

Caring For Your Mat

Our PUre yoga mats are designed to withstand years of consistent use.

Following these simple steps will greatly increase the life of your mat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Raghuram BK (Hyderabad, IN)


Maria G (Mumbai, IN)

I used the Stellar PUre Couture Yoga Mat for the first time today and it is a world of a difference compared to my Manduka mat. The non slip material is fantastic and for someone like me with sweaty palms, this is a god send. The cushioning is also just right.

Maheen Khan (Mumbai, IN)
Can I practice yoga all day, everyday on my foliage mat, please?

I have been looking for the perfect yoga mat for my practice for a long time. I have looked everywhere - from Paris to Bangkok - but was disappointed for not getting the perfect one. So imagine my delight, when I found it right next door in Kosha! I am loving my practice on the Foliage mat! The material is soft and comfortable on my skin. It has a strong grip, a great feature especially for those with sweaty palms during downward dog! It is also longer in size and is great for me, as on most mats, a quarter of my legs are out on the ground. I am also getting a lot of attention for my mat because it's also very beautiful! In addition, it's a good investment as it is sustainable. Balance, comfort and gorgeous - the perfect combination. Thank you!

- A very happy customer

Aparn Rajesh (Mumbai, IN)
Sanctuary Pure Couture Yoga Mat

I absolutely love my Couture Mat from Kosha. The design, grip and quality remains uncompromisingly amazing. The mat reached me under 4 business days after getting shipped from Mumbai to Norway. This is my third mat from Kosha and the excitement and happiness of adding new mats to my studio from them only gets better. Highly recommend the PUre Couture Mats.

Chandni (Mumbai, IN)
I love how it feels!

I have the Align yoga mat, which is grippy and how! But I wanted to get another one from Kosha (greed, ofcourse). I ordered the black bloom mat, I LOVE how it looks. It is grippy, but it takes some breaking into. Yes it's perfect for backbends, because it lets you lift into a chakrasana without making it way too grippy to lift off.
I've been using it since and haven't gone back to the Align mat for now.
I love how it smells too!
I don't know if you guys bless your mats before you send them, but thanks to both your mats - I've managed to get my headstand and eka pada chakrasana. Your mats do wonders for my practice!!! Thanks, Kosha and team! Hugs!