At the Kosha Yoga Co. we recognise the opportunity we have as a business to positively impact our immediate social and natural environment. We are continually striving to be kinder to, and more conscious of, our environment through the only expression we know, our yoga products.

Kosha Yoga Co_Foliage_Yoga_Mat_on_Tree

Nurturing Growth

We are mindful of the direct impact our activities have on the environment and we recognise that it is our responsibility to minimise this impact.

We ensure that every Kosha Yoga Co. mat gives back to the environment in its own little way. For every mat sold, we commit to plant and nurture a tree through our partners at Tree-Plant-For-Me org. Please write to us at to find out more ways in which you can help us make a difference. 

Empowering Communities

We feel a strong sense of responsibility towards lesser privileged members of our society. Through the vehicle of our business we endeavour to uplift and enable such communities.

For every mat sold, we contribute Rs.50.00 towards the education and empowerment of our dynamic, young and absolutely adorable friends at Maee Home for the Blind. Do write to us at to find out more ways in which you can help make a difference.

Kosha Yoga Co_Bird_of_Paradise_Yoga_Mat_on_Grass

Mindful Manufacturing

All Kosha Yoga Co. products are manufactured responsibly to minimize their environmental impact. We insist on using eco-friendly and sustainable materials like natural tree rubber and natural cork. Also, all our products are free from latex, silicone, toxic glues and PVC. We are also working towards using recycled packaging materials and taking one more step towards a greener planet.