Kosha Yoga Co. Foliage Mat

At Kosha Yoga Co. we recognise the opportunity we have as a business to give back to our community and the environment. We strive to be conscious of our surroundings through the only expression we know, our yoga products. 

Nurturing Growth

We ensure that every Kosha Yoga Co. mat gives back to the environment in its own little way. A part of the proceeds from every Yoga mat sold go towards helping the change-makers at Kalote Animal Trust rescue & rehabilitate animals that have been injured, ill-treated or ignored.

Read about the truly phenomenal work that the Kalote Animal Trust does and find out how you can help by writing to us at 

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Empowering Communities

We feel a strong sense of responsibility towards empowering the lesser privileged.

A percentage of our proceeds from every sale goes towards the education and empowerment of our dynamic, young and inspiring friends at Maee Home for the Blind.

The trust provides education and vocational training to its visually impaired residents, providing them an opportunity to learn, grow and eventually pursue their dreams, irrespective of immense obstacles they need to overcome. 

Write to us at to find out more ways in which you can help make a difference.

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Mindful Manufacturing

We are mindful of the direct impact our activities have on the environment & recognise our responsibility to minimise it.

At Kosha Yoga Co. we realise that true success is always inclusive. So we work with the women of Dharavi, Asia's largest slum, providing them with employment and an opportunity to change their life's narrative.

Read more about these inspirational women here.  

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We aspire to use only eco-friendly and sustainable materials like natural rubber in our Yoga Mats and natural cork in our Yoga Blocks. Our products are free from silicone, toxic glues and PVC.