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5 Gentle Yoga Asanas To Keep You Fit During Covid19

Yoga is a great way to keep you mentally & physically centred, especially while you're indoors during the Covid19 lockdown.

If you or your loved ones are suffering from the physical symptoms of Covid19 or the mental agony that this pandemic has caused, this blog is for you.

5 Gentle Yoga Asanas To Keep You Fit During Covid19

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How Social Distancing Can Help Improve Your Yoga Practice

Chances are that your neighbourhood yoga studio, or your favourite yoga teacher have called off classes indefinitely, which, like it or not, is the right thing to do while we're in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic. 

While it might seem like staying away from yoga class will adversely affect your yoga practice, social distancing can actually help improve your practice.

Read on to know how.

How Yoga Can Keep You Calm During COVID19

How Yoga Can Keep You Calm During COVID19

With the Covid19 pandemic gripping the entire planet it is natural for everyone to feel at least a little nervous and uneasy. The constant barrage of corona virus news only helps our anxiety fester.

While usual coping mechanisms might not help, Yoga is most definitely the answer.

We’ve put together a list of simple asanas that will instantly make you feel a whole lot better.

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Is Your Yoga Class Secretly Making You Sick?

We’ve all been there, you’ve gotten late at work and now have to go directly to Yoga class without your Yoga mat.

Thankfully, the studio has community mats that you can use, so problem solved, right?

Wrong! Read on to find out why, and you’’ll probably never use a studio mat again.