Yoga Accessories

Explore Your Boundaries, Redefine Your Limits.

Our Yoga Blocks and Yoga Straps are the perfect tools to help your practice grow.

Made from weather-resistant canvas, our versatile Yoga Bags make packing for Yoga class a breeze.

Our Yoga Socks, Gloves & Towels ensure that you never miss a practice, even while you travel.

Our Yoga Journals & Flashcards are great learning tools for adults & children 

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kosha yoga fine grain cork yoga blocks bricks

Yoga Brick - Cork Yoga Block

Price On sale from ₹ 999
Kosha Yoga Co Yoga Belt Strap

Yoga Belt

Sale price ₹ 599 Regular price ₹ 699

Transform Yoga Socks & Gloves

From ₹ 699

Yoga Bag: Cover Style

Sale price ₹ 999 Regular price ₹ 1,199
Kosha Yoga Co Journal Workbook Diary Ashtanga Vinyasa Yin

Yoga Journals By Looxa

Sale price ₹ 1,499 Regular price ₹ 2,499
Kosha Yoga Co Transform Microfibre Travel Towel

Bloom Yoga Towel

₹ 2,499
Kosha Yoga Co Transform Microfibre Silicone Towel Sweat Absorbent Trellis

Trellis Yoga Towel

₹ 2,499