buttR Yoga Wear

Some See Trash, We See Treasure.

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Our aim was to take fashion from being the problem, and turn it into the solution.
More than 705,000 tons of "ghost" fishing nets are lost at sea every year. These nylon nets drift around our oceans for centuries and kill millions of marine animals and coral.
Kosha Yoga Co recycled yoga pants  

Our buttR Yoga Wear is made by regenerating ghost fishing nets into an ultra luxurious, high-performance fabric. Not only is our buttR Yoga Wear made from recycled materials, but it can also be recycled infinitely.

Choose Conscious Consumption Over Constant Consumption.

Kosha Yoga Co recycled yoga pants
Salmon Pink Sports Bra With Removable Cups For Gym Shorts Kosha Yoga India Online

buttR Sports Bra

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Emeald green Adjustable Gym Shorts Kosha Yoga

buttR Yoga Shorts

₹ 3,299
Sustainable Recycled Yoga Leggings Gym Athliesure Pants Kosha Yoga Co

buttR Yoga Pants

Price On sale from ₹ 3,799