Ahimsa Is One Of The Most Relevant Yoga Teachings In Today's World.

At Kosha Yoga Co. we honour Ahimsa or non violence, by making products that cause least harm to the planet and its people.

We're mindful of the impact our activities have on the environment & recognise our responsibility to minimise it.

Conscious Creation

Conscious creation is our philosophy of creating high-quality, high-value products using sustainable materials & mindful manufacturing techniques that impact the environment and communities positively.

Yoga Apparel

sustainable recycled activewear by kosha yoga co

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Our aim was to take fashion from being the problem, and turn it into the solution.

Our range of buttR Yoga apparel is made from regenerated ghost fishing nets, turning ocean waste into a luxurious, high-performance fabric.

Our buttR Yoga wear can be recycled infinitely without any loss in material quality, which makes it perfectly circular.


Yoga Mats

sustainable natural rubber yoga mats by kosha yoga co

While our primary aim was to make high-performance yoga mats, we wanted to ensure that these mats cause as little damage to the environment as possible.

So the rubber we use in all our yoga mats is 100% biodegradable, non-rainforest harvested rubber, making our mats more than 83% biodegradable by weight. We also use recycled-PU for as the top layer of our PUre mats. 


Blocks & Bricks

sustainable yoga props and biodegradable natural cork yoga blocks by kosha yoga co

Not only is cork the most sustainable material when it comes to making yoga blocks, but its also the best performing.

Our ultra-fine grain cork blocks are sweat absorbent, unlike traditional foam or wooden blocks, making them 100% non-slip; they're also lightweight, provide just the right amount of support and 100% biodegradable.


Meditation Accessories

hand made sustainable cotton meditation cushion

Production leftovers, dead-stock & over-ordered fabrics are creatively re-used to make our beautiful meditation cushions and eye-pillows with the expertise of local artisans living in Dharavi, Mumbai. 

This process allows us to provide employment to local communities, helps the environment and ensures unique designs for our cushions produced in small batches.