buttR Yoga Pants

Some See Trash, We See Treasure.

Kosha Yoga Co recycled yoga pants

buttR Yoga Pants are made by regenerating "Ghost" fishing nets.

Ghost nets are commercial fishing nets that have been lost or abandoned at sea. More than 705,000 tons of fishing nets are lost every year and are responsible for killing millions of marine animals and coral every year. 

Made of durable nylon they drift around our oceans for centuries, causing incorrigible damage.

buttR Yoga Pants are made by regenerating ghost fishing nets into an ultra luxurious, high-performance fabric.

Kosha Yoga Co recycled yoga pants

Once you're ready to discard your pair of buttR Yoga pants (a long, long time from now) they can be recycled again, meaning they won't ever end up choking our planet. 

Its time to choose Conscious Consumption over Constant Consumption.