PUre YOga Mats

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The Grippiest Yoga Mats, Ever. Made With 100% Natural Rubber, Recycled PU & Lots Of Love.

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PUre Couture Yoga Mats
From Rs. 6,499.00 INR
AutumnBalanceBlack BloomBlue FoliageChevronEvergreenForestPalmSanctuary+ 6 more
PUre Align Yoga Mat
From Rs. 5,999.00 INR
MangoTomatoLavenderWatermelonSageCobaltPineAubergineCharcoalSeafoam+ 7 more
BIG Yoga Mat
Rs. 6,499.00 INR
SeafoamWatermelonCharcoalCobalt+ 1 more
PUre Align Yoga Mat: Personalised
From Rs. 6,799.00 INR
4.5mm Personalised6.5mm Personalised
MangoTomatoSageSeafoamLavenderWatermelonCharcoalCobaltPineAubergine+ 7 more

Yoga Mats As Committed As Your Practice.

Our yoga mats don't shift, slide, fold or roll-up enabling you to flow in and out of your yoga asanas without any doubt or fear.
PUre mats are the grippiest yoga mats around. Made from natural rubber, our PUre yoga mats are sweat absorbent, non-slip, bio-degradable and easy to clean. The open-celled, recycled PU top makes our PUre mats super grippy & sweat-absorbent. The longer and wider design, gives you ample room to stretch.
LIFE exercise mats are made from a proprietary rubber & high-density PVC polymer. 
Shoes, dumbells, kettlebells, Olympic plates, indoors, outdoors, rain or shine. Cardio, HIIT, weight-training, strength & conditioning, yoga or any workout you could possibly imagine. These mats are made to last a lifetime.

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