Yoga Mats

Form. Function. Fun.

Our mats are constructed of natural tree rubber, plush microfibre, and lots of love.

The 100% natural tree rubber base means that our mats don't slip, shift, fold or roll-up. You can slide in and out of asanas without any doubt or fear. The plush microfibre surface is a perfect canvas for our visually indulgent prints and is gentle on your skin preventing any blisters and callouses. It also absorbs sweat, ensuring that you do not slip on your mat, no matter how intense your practice gets. 

The 3mm thickness provides just the right cushioning for your joints. Our mats are 72 inches x 24 inches giving you ample room to stretch to your heart's content. They are easy to roll, unroll, fold and carry around.


We ensure that only the best quality materials go into the making of our mats. They are also free from latex, silicone, toxic glues and PVC, ensuring that they don't aggravate any allergies and allow you to focus on what's important; your practice. 

At the Kosha Yoga Co. we believe in giving back to the environment and to society. Each time you make a Kosha Yoga Co. purchase, a tree is planted and a differently-abled individual is benefited. Read more here.