Recycle Your Yoga Mat

Rs. 250.00 INR

Outgrown Your Old Yoga Mat?

If you're looking to discard your old yoga mat, don’t throw in the trash!
We’ll help you dispose it responsibly.
Read more below.

Please Note: We help you discard your old mat responsibly, this is not an order for a new yoga mat.

How It Works

When you're ready to discard your old mat, simply place the order here.

1. We'll pick up your old mat for a shipping fee of Rs.250 

2. Based on its condition and material, we’ll repurpose, recycle or responsibly discard your old mat

3. You'll also receive a gift card worth Rs.500 for keeping your mat out of a landfill

Return Shipping

1. Once your return request is placed you will receive shipping labels on email

2. Please attach these labels to the mat you want to return

3. Our delivery partners will visit your address to pick up the item

4. Please Note: For cancelling your order to recycle your yoga mat, a 5% processing fee will be deducted from the refunded amount

Giving back

Once we receive your old yoga mat, it is sorted and cleaned.

Based on its condition and material, your old mat will be repurposed, recycled or responsibly discarded.

WhatsApp us on +91 93248 79162 for more information.

Get a gift card worth Rs.500 for keeping your mat out of a landfill.
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