Kosha Classroom

Don't let the quarantine get in the way of you and your fitness goals! It's now more important than ever to be physically and mentally fit. 

Introducing the Kosha Classroom

Kosha Classroom is a curated collection of fitness instructors taking online classes. 

Simply browse through our listing of teachers, find the one best suited for you and book a class right away!

What's more, every time you book a class, you get 10% of your spend as store credit that you can redeem on your favourite Kosha Yoga Co. products at any time.

All classes will be conducted between you and the teachers directly via Zoom, Whatsapp video, Skype, etc.

Whether you're looking at a fun way to introduce your children to Yoga, looking for help learning a particular asana, or looking to increase your strength and flexibility while you're indoors, our classroom has you covered!

Being stuck indoors is no longer an excuse!