True Success Is Always Inclusive.

At Kosha Yoga Co. we believe that businesses have a great opportunity to impact the communities they operate in. We're honoured that our work allows us to make a small but tangible difference to the lives of the less privileged. 

Empowering Communities

A percentage of our proceeds from every sale goes towards the education and empowerment of our dynamic, young and inspiring friends at Maee Home for the Blind. The trust provides education and vocational training to its visually impaired residents, providing them an opportunity to learn, grow and eventually pursue their dreams, irrespective of immense obstacles they need to overcome. 

Write to us at to find out how you can help.

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We also provide women living in Dharavi, Asia's largest slum, an opportunity to change their life's narrative. After going through a skill-training workshop they’re provided employment opportunities to hand-make our Meditation Cushions, Eye Pillows & Yoga Mat Bags. We aspire to eventually have a whole range of consciously created products made by these superwomen!

Read more about our inspirational partners here.

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