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Guppyfriend Washing Bag

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A Sustainable Solution To Stop Microplastics.

Exclusively Available On Kosha Yoga Co. In India

The Microplastic Problem

With each wash, countless microfibres from synthetic textiles make their way from our washing machines into rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Once in the environment, the microfibres concentrate pervasive bacteria and pollutants. They are consumed by aquatic organisms, resulting in gastrointestinal infections and blockages, reproductive problems, and starvation. Leading to the destruction of our oceans at an alarming pace. 

Serious consequences are not limited to animals and nature.

The tiny plastic fragments threaten our own health: They enter our food and our bodies through the food chain.


kosha yoga co microplastic

Guppyfriend Washing Bags are the first pragmatic solution to prevent microplastic pollution from washing synthetic clothes.  


Guppyfriend Washing Bags are an effective, scientifically proven, and patented solution to stop microplastic pollution.

They reduce fibre shedding and protect our clothes.

They filter the microfibres that do break and don't shed any microfibres themselves.

They're a daily reminder to lead a more sustainable life

Material: untreated polyester (PET)

Made in Europe

Size M: 50 x 74 cm

100% plastic free packaging

Fill to about ⅔ full so that the textiles can easily move around in the bag

Add other (non-synthetic) garments or a second filled Guppyfriend to avoid imbalance

Wash at 40°c maximum

Use liquid and natural detergents without synthetics

Remove coarse dirt and pet hair before washing

Slide the zipper into the "garage" provided at the end of the zipper

Please avoid:

Rinsing under running water - so that the collected microplastic fibres are not washed into the environment

Washing sharp-edged objects - to avoid damaging the material

Ironing - this can also damage the material (the crumpled surface is not a problem)

Use in the tumble dryer - broken fibres can get out of the bag

Hang/dry in direct sunlight - to avoid damaging the material

Caring for society

A part of your purchase goes towards empowering lives of our differently-abled friends at Maee Bal Bhuvan, a home for the blind.

Caring for the environment 

A part of your purchase goes towards helping our partners at Kalote Animal Trust. 

Learn more here. 

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