We imagine our yoga practice to be a world of ease and tranquility, with each asana being a step in our path to self discovery. However, the journey to get to that space of tranquility is ridden with a lot of hard work, challenges and discomfort.

Thankfully yoga bolsters are here to make this journey a lot more comfortable!

This cozy friend is much more than a simple cushion; it is your ally in honing asanas and finding your practice's sweet spot.

In this blog, we'll discover the power of adding a yoga bolster to your yoga practice. From what a yoga bolster actually is, to why you need one and how you should select the best bolster for your yoga practice. 

We’ll explore how adding a yoga bolster to your daily routine can take your yoga practice to the next level! 

organic cotton yoga bolsters by kosha yoga co

What Is a Yoga Bolster?

A yoga bolster is more than just a soft cushion. It is a cylindrical or oval shaped support, that brings comfort to your practice, helps you explore limits of your practice and encourages your practice to grow in a safe environment.

When used correctly, it’s your most trusted friend, gently guiding you to make hard to reach poses accessible and restorative poses even more relaxing.

How Does It Work?

A yoga bolster helps overcome obstacles in your practice. Bolsters come in different shapes that offer different levels of support to different muscle groups. When you’re practising difficult to achieve asanas using the bolster in different orientations provides gentle support to your limbs enabling you to stay in and become familiar with poses which otherwise would be too uncomfortable.

Since you are able to stay in poses for a few extra breaths using the bolster, over time, your body adapts and helps you make progress in your practice.

Yoga bolster help with some of the common problems faced by Yoga practitioners like:

  1. Limited Flexibility: Yoga bolsters can help improve flexibility by providing you comfort support and making asanas accessible without straining your body.
  2. Lack of Balance: Achieving the right balance and stability can be hard. But yoga bolsters are designed to distribute your weight evenly, providing balance in a safe way.
  3. Stress & Tension: Yoga bolsters help immensely in relieving tension and stress by promoting relaxation and mindfulness.
  4. Inability to Hold Poses: Yoga bolsters can make it easier to hold poses for extended periods without stressing your body, allowing you to be mindful and bring awareness to your practice.
  5. Incorrect Alignment: Yoga bolsters help you be aware and make adjustments, so that you can maintain alignment during asanas and prevent injuries.
organic cotton yoga bolsters by kosha yoga co

How Do You Choose a Yoga Bolster?

While bolsters do not have too many variations in shapes and sizes, there are a few things you should keep in mind while selecting a bolster for your practice.

  1. Shape: Bolster typically come in round, rectangular and oval shapes. Round bolsters are comfortable for asanas where comfort takes precedence, however they do not offer much stability. Rectangular bolsters offer great stability, however for asanas where the edge of the bolster supports your body, these are not the most comfortable. Oval bolsters provide the best of both worlds. The rounded edges are extremely comfortable and the cylindrical shape makes the bolsters stable. 
  2. Firmness: Firmness is another critical factor while choosing a bolster. Bolsters that are too firm can provide support, but might not be the most comfortable. Soft bolsters are comfortable, but will not provide adequate stability. A medium-firm bolster, that supports your body weight, and doesn’t get deformed under the body is most recommended.   
  3. Filing: Most commonly used fillings for bolsters is cotton, however, foam, polyester and other synthetic materials are also gaining popularity. While the synthetic materials do a good job at providing support, they are not breathable and get uncomfortable over time. 
  4. Fabric: The outer covers of bolsters are generally made of natural fibres like jute, cotton which are gentle on the skin and soft to touch. Synthetic yarns are also gaining popularity for their durability and sweat wicking properties
  5. Features: A few features we highly recommend while selecting a bolster are washable outer cover, a flat zipper construction so the zipper doesn't hurt while practising and a carry handle to make it easy to manoeuvre the bolster.
organic cotton yoga bolsters by kosha yoga co


As you can see, a yoga bolster is more than an ordinary cushion; its an essential tool , that when used correctly can be a guide through your yoga journey.

So roll out your yoga mat, grab your yoga bolster, and get practising!

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