Neeloy Sanyal: Structured Meditation Intensive Course, Starts June 6th!

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Meet Your Teacher: 

In 2017, Neeloy took off on a week-long solo trip, only to return seventeen months later. During this time, he not only traversed the entire country, but also parts of his own mind.

He first spent months checking off his bucket list, and when that wasn't good enough, he spent months seeking out authentic classical Indian wisdom.

Neeloy now teaches meditation in a manner that speaks to the modern mind- millennial and baby-boomers alike! His approach is humorous and pragmatic.  

He is an established RYT 200 teacher with a firm base in mindful Iyengar principles. He has over 1500+ hours of solid experience teaching large groups and has led and facilitated meditation retreats in the Himalayas. 


About The Course:


Dates: 6 June - 14 June

This course is for anyone who is genuinely interested in practice of meditation, yet hasn't come across a structure or method that teaches it effectively. If you’ve dabbled with some apps or audios and yet find it overwhelming to sit on a cushion, it’s not your fault.

If meditation apps and videos are not teaching you how to meditate, it’s because they barely skim the surface. Their intentions are well placed but the methods,  ineffective.

This course is designed to take you through a step by step process helping you form a worldview that makes meditation joyful and wholesome! We go in-depth into techniques and philosophy that allow us to create a sustainable practice. During these 10 sessions, there are opportunities to discover eye-opening knowledge about ourselves and become the masters of our own mind.

I will bring meditation philosophy that is very in-depth and will lead us to go through a series of meditations that follow a certain pathway. This will help us appreciate our daily lives and how we associate with people and things around us in a much more intelligent manner. This is the way of the Buddha.

As a bonus, the entire course will be led LIVE on an Instagram members only private account.

And in case you can’t attend some sessions LIVE, you have the option to watch the recorded videos at a time that suits you. All videos are saved on the exclusive Instagram page for this course. This helps us stay up to date with schedules, reading material and stay motivated as we practice together in a group as much as possible.

Remember- systems work, people fail. That’s why forming a habit around meditation needs structure and guidance.

What we'll cover:

  • Meditation Techniques
  • Meditation Philosophy
  • Dealing with common roadblocks in meditation and applying antidotes
  • Learning Stabilizing and Analytical meditation (Shamatha-Vipassana)
  • On Dealing with Anger and Attachment
  • How to apply these practices in daily life
  • Structuring your own meditation practice 
  • QnA sessions

Registrations end on 5th June - 12 noon

Please reach out to Neeloy(@umamiyoga) on Instagram about any queries you have.

Course Schedule: 

10 sessions between 25 to 45 minutes duration.
Every session will include either a guided meditation or a discourse on meditation philosophy.

Remember all sessions are saved so you don't have to worry if you're not able to catch a class live. 

Orientation begins at 4pm IST, on Saturday, 6 Jun 
  • Sat 6 June - 4pm
  • Sun 7 June - 8am & 4pm
  • Tue 9 June - 8am & 4pm
  • Thu 11 June - 8am & 4pm
  • Sat 13 June - 4pm
  • Sun 14 June - 8am & 4pm

You may also choose to do one session a day since all videos are recorded. This course gives you flexible timings and yet keeps you accountable!

 For schedules and more information reach out to us at or Whatsapp (+91 9324879162) 

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