Yoga props are an excellent way to explore, facilitate or extend a pose. When used effectively, props provide relaxation, balance and support.

A pair of Yoga Blocks or Yoga Bricks are one of my most favourite props!

While some people think that using blocks is a “cheat” they are in-fact a great way to get introduced to the correct way of performing an asana and are recognised by most schools of Yoga as being an indispensable aid.

Always remember,

There's no shame in the prop game!

A pair of solid, sturdy Yoga Blocks are your best friend and guide when it comes to deepening your yoga practice and is a tool I recommend everyone to invest in, simply because of their versatility.

  • They can be used by all levels of practitioners, irrespective of how much experience you have.
  • They provide scalable support. Meaning that you can adjust the amount of aid you get from the blocks by simply changing the side of the block you use as you progress.
  • They allow you to hold a posture for longer, with correct alignment, thereby preventing injury.

While Yoga Bricks might seem intimidating to use at first, they’re probably the simplest and most effective way to improve your practice.

Here are 12 simple ways in which yoga blocks can be used to aid your practice.

Kosha Yoga Co Yoga Blocks Bricks Teju Dhoot

Kosha Yoga Co Blocks Teju Dhoot

Kosha Yoga Co Blocks Teju Dhoot

Kosha Yoga Co Blocks Teju Dhoot

You must always remember that props are meant for assistance, to help you gain comfort in a particular Asana only. An over reliance on them can turn them into a crutch, hampering your progress.

So, once you get comfortable and confident, explore your boundaries, try to perform the Asana unassisted and have fun with your practice. 


About the Author: This article is written by Teju Dhoot (Anahata Yogini), Yoga teacher, passionate traveller, practicing interior designer and a talented photographer. Teju is using her Kosha Yoga Co. Ebony Yoga Mat in the images above. Sign up for Yoga Classes with Teju here. Follow her yoga journey here.


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