For all of existence people have considered our Oceans as an inexhaustible source of food, a means of connecting distant lands and a convenient dumping ground; too large to be affected by our activities. However, time has finally caught up to us.

We have now pushed our oceans to their limits. The largest living space on earth is now threatened by overfishing and pollution.

An environment that is much more fragile & complex than we ever understood it to be is now on the brink of collapse. This collapse doesn’t just threaten marine species, but our very own existence on this beautiful planet.

  • The worlds largest collection of floating trash, called the great pacific garbage patch is almost half the size of India
  • At current consumption rates we dump one garbage truck worth of plastic in our Oceans every second 
  • There are more than 750,000 tonnes of fishing nets lost in the sea every year
  • The amount of waste in our oceans is slated to increase to more than 10times in the next 10 years
  • Microplastics are found in more than 70% of all fish
  • Microplastics are also found in Sea Salt. On average a Kg of sea salt has more than 600 microplastics in it. Meaning we are consuming 5 to 6 microplastics every day only through salt!

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The great pacific garbage patch 


The facts are undeniable and unimaginable, however, we can still save our oceans by collectively making these simple, sustainable lifestyle changes; 

  1. Conscious Consumption: do not buy single use items or things that you will dispose off after a few uses 
  2. Recycle & Reuse: buy items that are recycled, up-cycled and recyclable
  3. Stop using plastic bags
  4. Support Businesses That Are Environmentally Responsible  

At Kosha Yoga Co. we recognise the responsibility we have as a business to better our planet, and the opportunity we have to make a tangible impact.

Our buttR Yoga pants are a step in this direction. Producing them actually helps the environment, instead of causing any harm. You can read more about them here.

We are at critical juncture with regards to the health of our oceans. Every single decision we make here on out will directly, significantly and irreversibly impact our Oceans and thus our planet.

I trust you will choose wisely.




About the Author: This article is written by Alok, an ocean lover and co-founder at Kosha Yoga Co.

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