If you’re looking to take your yoga practice to the next level, then a yoga wheel might just be the perfect tool for you.

People are quickly discovering the many benefits that come with incorporating a yoga wheel in their daily yoga practice. From increased flexibility and range of motion, to improved balance and core strength, there are a myriad of ways that this simple tool can help take your yoga practice up a notch.

Let’s dive into some of the reasons why you should consider adding a yoga wheel to your routine.

Kosha yoga co yoga wheel

1. Increased Flexibility & Range of Motion

A great benefit of using the yoga wheel is its ability to help you increase flexibility and range of motion in a controlled manner. People often feel restricted in certain yoga poses because their body isn't able to move in certain ways. By using the yoga wheel as support, you are able to slowly stretch out tight muscles and gain more mobility in larger muscle groups. With regular use, these poses will become easier, adding a layer of confidence to your practice and allowing you to explore deeper levels of flexibility.

2. Improved Balance & Focus

Another great benefit of using a yoga wheel is its ability to help improve your balance & focus. The dynamic nature of the wheel means that anytime the wheel is in contact with a surface, there is a layer of instability introduced in the posture and your body is forced to engage muscles to stay balanced, and your mind is forced to stay present and focussed. Regularly using a yoga wheel helps you build stability and balance which translates to better performance in your practice even in postures that do not need a yoga wheel.

3. Improved Form & Alignment

Using a yoga wheel helps improve form & alignment by requiring you to stay mentally present and visualise where each body part should be while performing as asana. By being able to actually see how your body should be aligned in a yoga pose, it makes it easier for you to replicate these same asanas without the yoga wheel, through improved focus and muscle memory.

Kosha yoga co yoga wheel

4. Reversal Of Gravity

An interesting benefit of using a yoga wheel is its ability to help make inversions accessible to everyone. Inversions are known to be one of the most beneficial groups of asanas, and a yoga wheel can give you the courage to get into invasions in a controlled manner, adding layers of confidence to your yoga practice. A yoga wheel also helps make it easier to become familiar with challenging inversions. For example, when doing an inversion such as Vrischikasana (scorpion pose), having something solid for your hands to hold on to, while allowing your legs the space to explore helps you open up even further while still providing support and stability.

5. Increased Core Strength

When practicing any asana on the wheel, your core muscles and stabilizing muscles around your spine are forced to stay engaged for support and stability. This helps develop strength in areas that may have been neglected before. Moreover, since the wheel adds constant movement, your core is forced to work overtime to stabilise the rest of your body, greatly increasing your core strength.

Kosha yoga co yoga wheel


Whether you're just starting out with yoga or looking for new ways to challenge yourself within a familiar practice, adding a yoga wheel into your routine can be incredibly beneficial both physically and mentally.

This simple yet powerful tool can make all the difference in taking your practice to another level.

Give it a try and you may just find that unlocking your inner yogi has never been so easy!

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