While we honestly don't need a "day" earmarked to celebrating mothers, it's always a good idea to honour our moms and shower them with love.
Mother's day is a great way to really show your mom how much you appreciate her and all that she does for you. However, picking the perfect gift for your perfect mother, can be quite an overwhelming experience. So we've put together a list of 6 thoughtful, special gifts to help you celebrate your mom this Mother's Day.
From personalised jewellery to gourmet spices, hand woven sarees, and even yoga and wellness gifts, these carefully curated gifts are guaranteed to make your mother feel special. What's more, as part of the Kosha Yoga Community, you're entitled to exclusive discounts and offers.
So dive in and find the best gift to make this Mother's day unforgettable!

Gourmet Spices

Lets face it, nothing reminds you of your darling mothers love more than her wholesome home-cooked meals. If your mom loves to cook and loves to feed those that she cares about then picking some gourmet spices might be just the ideal gift for her.
We trust Angadi of Spices for all our spices! They offer small-batch, curated and specialised spices, single origin hot chocolate, coffee, and a whole lot more. Select from their range of nutritious, organically grown & natural spices that are trusted, loved and recommended by nutritionists.
And if you are ordering something for your darling mom, don't forget to use the code "THANKSMOM10" for a discount on your purchase.
Best mothers day gifts 2023 

Clean Beauty Products

When it comes to gift-giving, personal care and beauty products are always a good idea. While most moms might not pay attention to what their personal care products are made of, you should definitely look at gifting clean beauty products, which do not harm your skin.
A brand we love is Himalayan Origins. They make artisanal products that are natural and devoid of any harmful chemicals. Their “On Earth, For Earth” philosophy promotes a holistic way of living while respecting and honouring Mother nature. All Himalayan origins products are handmade, in small batches by the women of Kumaon, Uttarakhand.
Browse their beautiful gifting options on www.himalayanoriginsindia.com and as part of the Kosha Community get a 15% off on when you use the code “MOM15”
Take a look at the great work they’re doing in the mountains of Uttarakhand on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/himalayanoriginsindia/
Kosha yoga co must have gifts for mothers day


Healthy Snacks

A wise woman once said, "The road to enlightenment is long and difficult, and you should try not to forget snacks and magazines." Being a Yoga brand, we can attest to the fact that snacks are important for "enlightenment". In fact, we recommend snacks as a gift option for every occasion - because they make everyone's day - Mother's, Father's, Sibling's. While we’ve grown to accept them as an indulgence, they don't have to be! These healthy snacks will leave you satisfied, without a side of guilt. 
If you're searching for healthy snacks, Snackible should definitely be your first stop. Snackible has a premium range of nutritious, flavorful, and competitively priced snacks. With over 80 unique healthy snacking options you're sure to find something you mom would love. Treat your mom to a box of happiness and make her feel mu(n)ch appreciated this Mother's Day with their special mother's day hamper.
Kosha yoga co. best mothers day gifts in India

Yoga & Wellness

While moms always go the extra mile to take care of everyone they love, they often ignore their own well-being. So why not show your mom how much you care about her health by helping her make it a priority. 
For mom’s that don’t practice yoga, consider a beautiful yoga mat that will inspire them to get moving. For mom’s that already practice, a set of yoga blocks and straps will help support and grow their yoga practice. For all those yogi-mom’s out there a pair of beautiful ankle weights can make their practice more fun and challenging.
If you aren't sure where to start, check out KoshaYoga.co where you can gift yoga classes, or some truly special yoga & wellness products to your Mom.
Don’t forget to use the code “MOM20” at checkout for a flat 20% off on your purchase :)
Best mothers day gifts for fit moms

Handwomen Sarees

There are very few things that can make a woman feel as special and elegant as a saree. They’re also super versatile and one can never really have too many sarees. So it’s no surprise that sarees make for a great gift, especially for someone as special as your Mother.
A saree brand we cannot recommend enough is Kalaneca, founded by Mother - Twin Daughters who are passionate to celebrate the Art, the Artist and the Artisan through handwoven sarees. Since they specialise in customisations, getting your mom a of one of a kind saree is sure to make this mother’s day most special of all!
Browse their collection of gorgeous handwoven sarees at www.kalaneca.com or follow them on Instagram for some inspiration @kalaneca
Must have mothers day gifts by kosha yoga co

Personalised Jewellery

Personalised jewellery is a timeless and thoughtful gift that any mom would love. Not only is it unique, but it also adds a personal touch that your mom is sure to love. In addition, it shows that you put extra effort into finding a unique gift that reminds you of her. Consider pieces customised with birthstones, initials, or a meaningful quote. A necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings can be a beautiful addition to any jewellery collection.
If you're looking for inspiration we recommend Kuber Box, an online jewellery store where you can buy some truly great pieces at affordable prices. Based out of Jaipur they offer 100% genuine and certified jewellery at various price points. Browse https://www.kuberbox.com/ for jewellery made of gold, diamonds and gemstones at affordable prices. 
As a part of the Kosha Yoga community you get an exclusive discount on your purchase when you use the code: KBOX7
what to give your mother this mothers day by kosha yoga co
Whether you choose to give your mom personalised jewellery, yoga goodies or a saree, the most important thing is that you show her how much she means to you in a thoughtful and meaningful way. These gifts are just a few ideas to get you started, but the possibilities are endless when it comes to celebrating the unique bond between a mother and her child.
So take the time to think about what your mom would truly love, and give her a gift that reflects her unique personality and interests. With these thoughtful gifts, you're sure to make this Mother's Day truly special and memorable.

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