yoga for rainy days by kosha yoga co

Monsoons Making You Lazy? 5 Easy Asana’s To Lift Your Mood

Ah, monsoon! The smell of wet mud, grey skies and misty air. The kind of weather that makes you want to stay in bed all day.

As beautiful as the monsoons make everything, they play havoc on our fitness routines. Morning runs are replaced by snoozed alarms, yoga classes are skipped for simmering cups of chai, and gym sessions are traded for binge sessions in bed.

But have you ever wondered why you turn into a sloth the moment the rains set in?

Don’t blame yourself for being lazy, there’s science at play!

The best mothers day gifts in india

6 Thoughtful Gifts To Celebrate This Mother's Day

While we honestly don't need a "day" earmarked to celebrating mother's, its always a good idea to pamper your mother!
If picking the perfect gift for your perfect mother seems overwhelming we've put together a list of 6 thoughtful, special gifts to help you celebrate your mom this Mother's Day.
What's more, as part of the Kosha Yoga Community, you're entitled to exclusive discounts and offers.
So dive in and find the best gift to make this Mother's day unforgettable!
5 Easy Hacks To Reduce Microfibre Pollution Now!

5 Easy Hacks To Reduce Microfibre Pollution Now!

With 65million microfibres being released in our water streams every single day, the problem might seem too daunting to solve. However with these 5 easy to implement tricks you can do your bit to save the environment now!