Yoga Props Kit

Rs. 3,696.00 INR


A carefully curated collection of props picked to help you kick-start your yoga journey!

Create your own custom kit that contains

  • Two Fine Grain Cork Yoga Blocks, Or 
  • Two Fine Grain Cork Yoga Blocks and a Yoga Strap, Or
  • Two Fine Grain Cork Yoga Blocks, a Yoga Strap and an Meditation Eye Pillow

Go that extra mile fearlessly; our natural cork yoga brick has got your back.

Our re-engineered Cork Blocks are now made out of an all-natural fine-grain cork, making them light-weight, ultra-durable and super-supportive!

Push Your Boundaries, Stretch Your Limits.

Use our Yoga Belt as a strap to stretch deeper, correct alignment and maintain postures. Adjustable metal buckles help you go deeper into stretches 

Let our Eye Pillows slip you into a deep state of relaxation

Filled with organic flaxseeds and dried lavender, our eye pillow contours to the face perfectly. Gentle pressure of the flaxseeds combined with the calming effects of lavender relieves tension from the eyes, face, neck, and shoulders. A great tool for relaxations like Yoga Nidra, and meditation.