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Success is simple disciplines repeated daily.

Thoughtfully designed in Croatia by a yogini & an architect, Looxa’s yoga journals are the perfect way to keep track of your yoga journey.

These exquisitely made yoga journals allow you to focus on improving your yoga practice by enabling you to keep track of your progress.

Tested in yoga schools & studios globally, Looxa yoga journals are linguistically neutral and suited for yoga teachers and practitioners of all levels.

Looxa currently makes journals for the following disciplines;

  1. The Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Journal: 69 hand-sketched drawings of Ashtanga Primary Series Asanas. The perfect introduction for anyone starting out on their journey of Ashtanga Yoga
  2. The Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Series Journal: 72 hand-sketched drawings of Ashtanga Intermediate Series Asanas. For those who wish to explore deeper into the practice of Ashtanga Yoga
  3. The Vinyasa Yoga Journal: 90 hand-sketched drawings of standing asanas, seated asanas, backbend, inversions, arm balances and resting poses. Designed to help you construct your own sequences. For those free spirits that love to flow.
  4. The Yin Yoga Journal: 50 hand-sketched drawings of Yin Yoga Asanas that are to be held from 45seconds to 5minutes as you advance in your journey. Designed for those who take a calmer, more meditative approach to Yoga.

Each journal comes with hand-sketched asanas on the left page and space to take notes on the right page. They are designed as a tool to help you improve your yoga practice by reflection; learning from observations of your yoga practice.

  • Learning is through beautiful, simple hand-sketched drawings, saving you the trouble of remembering Asanas
  • No theoretical explanations of the postures
  • Perfect for practice at Teacher Trainings, Retreats, Studios, Yoga Class or Home
  • Right page is blank for notes & reflections of your yoga practice 
  • Clean, elegant and fluid, just like your practice.
  • Sustainably produced from unbleached, recycled A5 paper
  • Soft covers make the journals durable, easy to fold and convenient to carry

Caring for society

A part of your purchase will go towards empowering the lives of our differently abled friends at Maee Bal Bhuvan, a home for the blind.

Caring for the environment 

A part of your purchase will go towards helping our partners at Kalote Animal Trust with the rehabilitation of rescued animals. 

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