Shereena: Mobility, Meditation, Yoga & Kids Yoga

Rs. 750.00 INR


Meet Your Teacher: 

Shereena has been practicing yoga since 2016 and uses it as a tool to help remain grounded and centred.

She believes in the balance between strength & flexibility and loves exploring movements that unlock the full potential of ones body.

When she isn’t practising or teaching Yoga you can find her dancing, cooking or baking.

About Her Practice:

Shereena practices & teaches a combination of power yoga, mobility movements and kundalini yoga to stay active, strengthen the core and create a sense of balance in the mind and body. 

She is a certified Motor Skills Learning Coach and incorporates a mix of meditation, mobility and yoga asanas in her classes.

 She is comfortable training beginners as well as regular practitioners.

About Her Classes: 

Shereena's classes are designed to make you feel calmer, happier and grounded at the end of each session, ideal for the situation we are currently dealing with.

Shereena also takes a unique class, Kids Yoga Through Storytelling where she combines light yoga stretches with creative story telling, encouraging children to engage the left & right side brain, enhance motor skills, promote balance and hand-eye coordination in a fun, interactive, 30minute session.

A Group Yoga class typically begins with breathing exercises and meditation, moving to asanas, mobility & stability drills, and ends with cool down & gratitude practice.

Private sessions can be customised as per her students needs.

Class Details:

Shereena Offers Both Group & Private Classes


60 minutes per class


Kids Yoga Through Storytelling classes are scheduled as per convenience & availability & are 30minute sessions.

Group Classes

Tue & Thu: 11:30am, 5pm & 7:30pm

Sat: 7pm

Private classes are scheduled as per convenience & availability & are priced at Rs.950 per session.

Please reach out to us at or Whatsapp (+91 9324879162) to schedule private classes

Platforms: Zoom & Facetime


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