Gowri: Vinyasa (Power Yoga) & Hatha Yoga

Rs. 1,000.00 INR


Meet Your Teacher: 

After grappling with anxiety & depression at a young age, Gowri found Yoga in 2016, which changed her life. She fell in love with the art form, immersed herself in learning Yoga, and has been sharing her knowledge since 2018.

Besides being a Yoga teacher, Gowri is also a drummer for a progressive rock band and an animal rights activist.

When she isn’t teaching or practising Yoga you can find Gowri spending time with her dogs, reading about spirituality or making music with her band.

About Her Practice:

Gowri is a certified in Hatha Yoga instructor having completed her RYT200 in Hatha Yoga and TTC in A1000 yoga

She also teaches in a couple of studios in Bangalore.

About Her Classes: 

Gowri is adept at teaching all levels of practitioners - beginner, intermediate and advanced, and is available to take private sessions or group classes.

Individual sessions can be customised as per her students needs.

Class Details:


Hatha Yoga & Power Yoga: 60 minutes per class

Pranayama & Yoga Nidra : 30 minutes per class 


Mornings: Between 6am & 9am

Evenings: Between 5pm & 7pm

Platforms: Zoom & Skype

For schedules and more information reach out to us at info@koshayoga.co or Whatsapp (+91 9324879162)


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