Retail therapy, staying on top of trends, Instagramming your OOTD, and of course holiday shopping; its undeniable, fashion is fun!

So it’s almost impossible to imagine that your choice of yoga pants will decide the future of our planet.

Fast fashion waste recycled clothing kosha yoga coFast fashion is like fast food. After the sugar rush it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

What’s The Problem? Fast fashion.

Cheap materials and manufacturing processes designed to get the latest runway trends into your closet at breakneck speed and throwaway prices.

What’s Wrong With That? Everything!

  • Cheap materials mean that these clothes are made to be almost disposable
  • Cheap manufacturing processes mean that there is waste-fullness of resources and an indifference towards emissions
  • Getting clothes to retail at breakneck speed means that workers everywhere are exploited
  • Throwaway pricing ensures that consumers stay addicted to a cycle constant consumption

Does This Really Affect Me?

Fast fashion affects all of us in more ways than we can imagine

  • 1 in 6 people in the world works in a fashion-related job and 93% of fast brands aren’t paying garment workers even a minimum liveable wage
  • On an average a person wears fast fashion clothes less than 5 times and keeps it for only 35 days
  • 100 billion items of clothing are produced each year, that’s almost 14 pcs for every person on the planet!
  • Textile production contributes more to climate change than international aviation and shipping COMBINED!
  • Only 13% of all clothing is recycled. 21 billion tons of textiles are sent to landfills every year
  • Washing, solvents, and dyes used in manufacturing are responsible for 20% of all water pollution 

What do we do? 

Two words.

Conscious Consumption.
Buy less, buy better, buy from brands that care.

As with dealing with any catastrophe, the solution lies not in making drastic, unsustainable decisions, but in making small, consistent, conscious changes to your mindset.

  • Be conscious about what you are buying, where you are buying from and how much you will actually use the piece.
  • Buy from brands that are transparent about their processes, and don't shy away from asking brands some uncomfortable questions before buying.
  • Go on a shopping detox
  • Buy pre-loved pieces
  • Buy classic styles instead of the latest trends

At Kosha Yoga Co. we're committed towards a sustainable existence by up-cycling and recycling. 

recycled sustainable activewear by Kosha yoga co online india

Our luxurious activewear is made of recycled ocean waste. Our meditation accessories are made by up-cycling waste materials and production left-overs.

Just remember that in the world we currently live in every decision you make, makes a difference. And only you can decide what difference you want to make.

And if you do decide to buy something from us, feel free to use the code "BuyBetter" for a flat 15% off on our store.

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