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How To Use A Yoga Bolster: Easy Modifications To Make Asanas Accessible

To someone that is just starting out on their yoga journey, the path is no doubt daunting. Seemingly basic poses like downward dog, bridge pose, forward folds, etc. can be out of reach for most beginners due to a lack of flexibility and mobility.

This initial inertia discourages most beginners from committing to the practice and seeing tangible changes in their body & mind.

Fortunately, a simple prop, like a yoga bolster is just what you need to make these foundational asanas easy and accessible. 

Read on to know more.

yoga asanas for pregnant women

Finding Comfort in Chaos: Prenatal Yoga To Ease Aches and Pains

Pregnancy is a miraculous journey, but it's not without its challenges. As the body undergoes profound changes to accommodate the growing life within, it's not uncommon for expectant mothers to experience various aches and pains.  

So, we asked Devyani Puri, a yoga teacher who specialises in pre-natal yoga, how expectant mothers can use simple yoga asanas to make their pregnancy as comfortable as possible, and she was kind enough to share her thoughts.

Read on to know the asanas she recommends for expectant mothers.

Apoorva Jayarajan In Tree Pose

Be Firm, Not Rigid: Life lessons from Vrikshasana

The Tree Pose is considered a foundational standing pose that helps improve balance, concentration, and overall body awareness.

At first glance, the tree pose looks relatively simple. However dig deeper and you’ll see that there is so much we can learn and reflect on by performing this seemingly easy asana.

What can we learn from the humble tree pose?

Read on to find out.

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Yoga Asanas To Ease Your Period Pain

It's that time of the month when we feel like curling up in bed with a hot water bottle and binging on Netflix. If you're struggling with period pain, you're not alone.

But what if there’s a natural, easy way for anyone to ease this discomfort at any time?

Here are some simple & effective yoga poses that anyone can do, that alleviate cramps, bloating, and other period symptoms.

Take Flight: A Guide to Doing Your First Yoga Inversion

Take Flight: A Guide to Doing Your First Yoga Inversion

Inversions are one of the most popular and rewarding poses in yoga and are a great way to challenge your body and expand your practice. But they can also be intimidating for beginners.

If you’ve been wanting to try your first inversion but don’t quite know where to start, this blog post is for you. Let’s break down everything you need to know about doing your first yoga inversion!

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Calm Your Busy Mind: A Guide To Ujjayi Breathing

Ujjayi Pranayama, also known as ocean breath, is a meditative technique that is used to anchor your thoughts, bringing you stillness and relaxation, while leaving you energised and refreshed. You can even combine this breathing exercise with your yoga practice to increase awareness and focus.
Kosha Yoga Co Non Slip Cork Blocks

12 Ways To Use Yoga Blocks

Teju Dhoot tells you why a pair of solid, sturdy yoga blocks are your best friend and guide when it comes to deepening your yoga practice.

She also demonstrates 12 easy ways to use them.

Surya Namaskar Sun Salutation on Kosha Yoga Co

Surya Namaskars - Your Initiation to Yoga

Contemplating taking up Yoga for a while, but are unsure of where to start? Getting on your journey with Yoga could seem intimidating, there are so many styles of Yoga, so many postures, variations and modifications.

Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskar might just be the best place to start. Read on to know why.
headstand kosha yoga co yoga mat

My Yoga Journey - Conquering My Fear of Sirsasana.

Read more about how Kanika took to practicing Yoga, her fears, obstacles, challenges and how she overcame them to finally learn how to perform her favourite inversion; Sirsasana, the headstand.
Ashtanga Primary Series_Kosha Yoga Co. Yoga Mat

Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series: A Moving Meditation

The aim of practicing Yoga is to move towards a higher state of consciousness, but without a physically fit body which is strong and free from disease it is difficult for this to happen.

When practiced correctly, asanas can heal and rectify imbalances to bring the body in a physically ready state, read on to know how.
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Urdhva Dhanurasana (Upward-facing Bow Pose): Open your Heart to Backbends

Opening up your heart can make you feel vulnerable, but I promise you, beyond vulnerability lies victory, strength and confidence. Think of a runner crossing the finish line – he throws his arms out wide and pushes his chest forward, you’re going to feel the same when you achieve the heart opener that you’ve been prepping for. Read more to find out how to progress in to back-bends
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Bakasana (Crow Pose): Empowering Yourself with Arm Balances

Our yoga practice can be comforting, but challenging, too. That’s what is most beautiful about Yoga – it creates a balance between comfort and challenge, flexibility and strength, spiritual and physical. Arm balances can be extremely challenging but equally empowering. Read more about how to get started on your journey to arm balances!