Sustainability is a buzzword, especially in todays world.

Living a sustainable life means making responsible choices that minimise harm to the environment, and reduce unnecessary personal costs.

In leading a sustainable lifestyle one learns to choose conscious consumption, rather than constant consumption. This way, you reduce waste and responsibly utilise resources, with the aim of leaving the planet healthier for our future generations.

Making simple, sustainable choices will improve your quality of life, and help the environment.

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Here are 5 simple life hacks you can try right now and lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

1. Buy In Bulk
The most common items found in waste is food packaging. Predominantly, these packages are made of plastic, further compounding the problem and posing a huge threat to the environment. A simple hack to reduce the amount of packaging waste you generate is to buy in bulk. Ditch the small plastic packets of groceries and other daily staples and buy these in bulk, storing them in refillable jars. Not only will you reduce the carbon emissions from driving less frequently to the grocery store, but you will also cut down on a lot of plastic packaging and buying bulk is much cheaper!


2. Make Simple Swaps

  • Take a walk for shorter distances rather than using a vehicle
  • Grow your own herbs and ditch the tiny single-use plastic herb packets
  • Carry your reusable water bottle and coffee cup to minimise plastic water bottles and styrofoam cups
  • Opt for sustainable clothing brands, pre-loved clothing or fix old clothes. Fast fashion is a massive threat to our planet (read more here) and each one of us must do our bit to reduce its impact


3. Upcycle & Recycle
Upcycling means finding creative ways to use things you would normally throw away. Transform old tires, basins, bricks and pipes into flower pots for your garden, turn waste bottles into pretty lamps, broken mugs to make-up holders, etc. Check out for great upcycling tips to reduce waste, save up and bring style to your home. At Kosha Yoga Co. we upcycle leftover fabrics to make our beautiful Meditation Cushions. You can read more about them here.

Upcycle Eco Friendly kosha Yoga Co


4. Support Local, Sustainable Businesses
Small local businesses are typically more aware and mindful of their manufacturing practices than giant conglomerates. Such business are almost always less wasteful and have smaller carbon footprints. And while buying from sustainable brands might seem to be the more expensive, more often than not the higher quality ensures a longer life-cycle, making them a smarter choice. At Kosha Yoga Co. we aslpire to follow the yogic teaching of ahimsa by consciously creating products from sustainable materials and manufacturing methods to minimise environmental harm and supporting local communities. Find out more about our initiatives here.


5. Reuse Cooking Water
This simple but effective hack is a great way to save water. Don't throw away the water you used to boil your pasta, instead use it to cook rice, or make a sauce. Don't waste the water you used to wash your fruits, use it to water the plants. You can even store your cooking water by sealing it in a jug for use the next time! 

Recycle Reuse Water


While these tips might sound simple, they can greatly change the way your lifestyle affects the environment. Follow our blog for ways to lead a sustainable lifestyle, and make small, simple changes that greatly impact the health of our planet.

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