As the situation with COVID-19 evolves on a daily basis, our priority during these challenging times is to ensure the health & safety of our co-workers, customers & communities.

To ensure the well being of all stakeholders, at Kosha Yoga Co. we have taken the following precautions

  • All our employees are trained in proper sanitisation protocol.

  • Disposable gloves and masks are mandatory for all our employees, irrespective of whether they are handling packages.

  • All products have two layers of packaging, meaning that yours are the first pair of hands to handle the product.

  • Our office & warehouse are sanitised twice a day to ensure hygiene.

To be doubly safe, once you receive your order, use gloves and a pair of scissors to cut open the outer package; you can be sure that no one else has touched the contents inside the package.

Dispose of all packaging responsibly once you've opened your product 

All orders are shipped within 24hours, however, there could be delays owing to the fluidity of the situation on ground.

For any further assistance please reach out to us on WhatsApp (+91 93248 79162)

We wish you and your loved ones safety & good health.