PUre YOga Mats

Consciously Crafted By Yoga Teachers

The Grippiest Yoga Mats, Ever. Made With 100% Natural Rubber, Recycled PU & Lots Of Love.

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PUre Couture Yoga Mats
From Rs. 8,068.50 INR
AutumnBalanceBlack BloomBlue FoliageChevronEvergreenForestPalmSanctuary+ 6 more
PUre Align Yoga Mat
From Rs. 5,999.00 INR
MangoTomatoLavenderWatermelonSageCobaltPineAubergineCharcoalSeafoam+ 7 more
BIG Yoga Mat
Rs. 8,883.50 INR
SeafoamWatermelonCharcoalCobalt+ 1 more
PUre Align Yoga Mat: Personalised
From Rs. 6,799.00 INR
4.5mm Personalised6.5mm Personalised
MangoTomatoSageSeafoamLavenderWatermelonCharcoalCobaltPineAubergine+ 7 more

Yoga Mats As Committed As Your Practice.

A 100% natural rubber base means that our PUre yoga mats don't shift, slip, slide, fold or roll-up helping you flow in and out of asanas with ease. 

The open-celled, recycled PU top makes our PUre mats super grippy & sweat-absorbent.

Longer and wider design, gives you ample room to stretch.

Each purchase also gives back to society, read more about our sustainable initiatives here

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