Let’s face it, even the thought of attempting an inversion can be overwhelming.

While the benefits they offer yoga practitioners and fitness enthusiasts of all levels are unparalleled, people are often too scared to get upside down.

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Why Are Inversions So Intimidating?
It’s simple. Fear. 

The fear of failing, the fear of falling & the fear of the unknown.

1. The Fear Of Failing

The fear of failure is an emotion that subconsciously dictates most of our decisions. 

We don’t apply for our dream job, because we don’t think we’re good enough to be selected. We don’t ask out our crush because if they don’t reciprocate it’ll be embarrassing. We don’t try a handstand because we believe we don’t have what it takes.

But the truth is that the only way to succeed at anything is to fail at it a few times. Inversions are no different.

You try, you fail, you learn and then you try again. And then eventually, you get it!

2. The Fear Of Falling

The fear of falling and getting hurt is crippling. It stifles growth and eventually causes us to stay confined to self imposed limitations.

We don’t try new experiences fearing that we’ll get hurt physically. We don’t let people see our inner, vulnerable selves because we assume they’ll hurt us emotionally. 

And when it comes to the practice of yoga, the fear of getting hurt is the same. We don’t push ourselves because we might pull a muscle, fall on our faces or get embarrassed by falling on our butts in the middle of yoga class

While the fear of falling and getting hurt, whether physically or emotionally is a perfectly natural reaction, it often keeps us confined and ultimately dulls our spark.

3. The Fear Of The Unknown

It’s natural to feel scared when trying something new or challenging. This is because the mind does not know what to expect. 

When you’re inverted your sense of awareness, motor skills, balance are all flipped up-side down and the your mind isn’t sure if and how it will be able to stay in control in this new environment.

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Fear is a natural response; it keeps us safe from danger and helps us evaluate our environment to make prudent choices. 

When it comes to practicing a handstands, headstands or other inversions, fear can manifest in different forms: physical (tightness in the body), emotional (anxiety about failing), or mental (doubts about whether you can do it). 

So it is important to understand where your fear is coming from, so that you can address it and overcome it.

One way to overcome your fears is by breaking down inversions you want to learn into smaller parts and taking it step by step, you can gradually become more comfortable with inverted movements.

Another way to gain experience with inversions is to invest in a an inversion trainer, or inversion bench that can help you get inverted and then gain the confidence you need to push the boundaries of your yoga practice.

How to get into a headstand using an inversion bench by kosha yoga co

Ultimately, with inversions, as with everything in life, the more you do it, the better you get.

So stay patient, practice & all is coming!

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