Blush Yoga Mat

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Complexity Creates Confusion, Simplicity Focus.

Its beauty runs deep - our new honeycomb construction provides unparalleled grip, without adding much weight. 

The 4.5mm, 100% natural rubber base provides extra cushioning. The plush microfibre top is sweat-absorbent and feels as good as it looks.

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      Top: Sweat-absorbent Microfibre Suede 

      Bottom: 100% Natural Tree Rubber

      Dimensions: 72in x 24in | 4.5mm thick | 6lbs

      All our mats come with a carrying strap for convenient carrying.

      Keep your mat looking and smelling fresh.

      Never fold or crease your yoga mat.

      We recommend gently hand washing your mat with a washcloth and mild detergent and leaving it out to dry.

      If you choose to machine-wash your mat, please follow the instructions here.

      The Microfibre surface gets grippier when wet and with use.

      If you need help breaking-in your mat, please follow the instructions here.

      Caring for society

      A part of your purchase will go towards empowering the lives of our differently abled friends at Maee Bal Bhuvan, a home for the blind.

      Caring for the environment 

      A part of your purchase will go towards helping our partners at Kalote Animal Trust with the rehabilitation of rescued animals. 

      Learn more here. 

      To know more about our products & policies please visit our FAQs Page.


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      • Hi. I am from Mumbai, India and want to buy a MicroFibre Yoga May-is there one with a plain design as in no design in this category.


        While our microfibre mats have prints, the BIG mats have more a more muted design.

        You might want to take a look at them, or whatsapp us on +91 93284 79162 for assistance.

        Thank you.