Our LIFE exercise mats are designed to last you a lifetime when loved and cared for correctly. We honour this commitment by offering a 5year warranty on these exercise mats.

If a LIFE exercise mat wears out before 5years from regular use and under normal conditions, we will replace the mat for you. A maximum of one replacement er purchase is allowed. 

Please note that the guarantee is only applicable on LIFE exercise mats that are purchased from Kosha Yoga Co. or its authorised sellers.

What Is Covered By Kosha Yoga Co.’s Guarantee:
  • Wear to the mat from regular use, that impacts the performance of your mat
What Is Not Covered Under Kosha Yoga Co’s 5 Year Guarantee:
  • Superficial damage, cosmetic wear & tear that does not affect the performance of the mat
  • Uneven colour patterns, stains, or discolouration on your LIFE exercise mat
  • Creases and folds on the exercise mat which may be caused by improper handling and/or storing. We recommend rolling the mat up after every use
  • Damage caused by liquids, or excessive amounts of water. Example: damage caused from submerging the mat under water
  • Incorrect cleaning of your LIFE exercise mat. This can be caused by damage from a washing machine, using a vacuum cleaner on your mat, etc.
  • Damage from external/environmental factors
  • Any odours or smells 
  • Mats used as in-studio equipment by gyms, wellness centres, fitness centres, etc. are not covered under this guarantee.  

To claim your guarantee, please contact us on info@koshayoga.co and include your order number, purchase proof and images of the mat. Kosha Yoga Co. will review your request to determine if the product is applicable for our 5year guarantee and update you on the status over email. Please note, shipping costs are not covered by Kosha Yoga Co and a maximum one replacement per purchase is allowed.