How to clean your kosha yoga co yoga mat

Caring For Your Yoga Mat

  • After a sweaty practice, gently wipe off the sweat from your PUre Yoga Mat with a towel and allow it to dry before you roll it up.

  • Rushing home after class? No problem. Unroll your PUre Yoga Mat and allow it to dry as soon as you get a chance.

  • Your PUre Yoga mat is designed to be rolled with the top surface (the coloured or printed side) on the outside, just as you received it. Please be sure to roll it this way only to minimise wear and tear and ensure that your mat unrolls flat every time.

  • Avoid creasing or folding your PUre Yoga Mat

Cleaning Your Yoga Mat

  • Use a tiny drop of mild soap heavily diluted with water. Wipe the mat gently with a non-abrasive sponge.

  • After cleaning your PUre mat, leave it to dry. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. You could also dry it indoors under a fan.

  • We recommend cleaning the mat after every 8-10 uses. While our PUre mats are durable, over-cleaning and scrubbing them can wear them out faster.

  • We do not recommend using any chemical cleaners, essential oils, or mat sprays on our yoga mats.

Because of the absorbent materials our PUre Yoga mats are made from, your skin’s natural oils may mark or stain your mat with use.

While these sort of marks will fade with time or after cleaning we encourage you to be proud of your mats scars as a reminder of your personal yoga journey.

Downward dog on kosha yoga co yoga mat