Beyond the obvious physical benefits of improved balance, core, shoulder, and arm strength, Inversions have several benefits:

1. Mental Functions: Inversions supply the brain with more oxygen and blood thus improving concentration, memory and processing abilities. 

2. Energy: The extra blood flow results not only in physical invigoration but mental revitalisation as well. Perfect for that 3 PM slump!

headstand on kosha yoga co. yoga mat 

3. Confidence: The first attempt at a headstand may seem intimidating, but once you’ve got it, things like an upcoming presentation at work doesn’t seem as daunting. 

4. Humility: Before we finally get it, the many falls, slips, stumbles remind us of how much more we have to learn, and how important it is to enjoy the process and not the result. 

5. A New Perspective, literally: We have a tendency to fall into behavioural patterns and react to certain situations in the same way. Inversions teach us through both physical example and metaphor that there is always another way to approach the situation/person/problem.

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