yoga for air pollution

Struggling with a Cough That Doesn’t Go Away?

Struggling with an itchy throat & cough that doesn’t leave?

Do you suffer from a prolonged cough or constant sneezing? Are your eyes itch and burn constantly? Often feel fatigued by the end of the day and don't know why?

Well, the answer is in in the air we breathe.

Incorporate these three simple asanas and breathing techniques in your routine, to reduce the harm caused by polluted air.

Struggling With A Cluttered Mind? Yoga Can Improve Your Mental Health.

Struggling With A Cluttered Mind? Yoga Can Improve Your Mental Health.

Feel like you're constantly overwhelmed with responsibilities? Find it difficult to focus on a task? Have a hard time switching-off, being in the present and not worrying about the future?

Yoga is the answer. Read on to know how yoga can help with your mental health.
Kosha Yoga Co Meditation Cushion

Meditation Cushions: The Best Way to Find Comfort in Stillness

Sitting on the floor, or sitting for long periods during meditation can cause more harm than good. While seated meditations are known to calm the mind, they can cause havoc with your spine.

Read more to find the best way to make your meditation as comfortable as possible with our simple but beautiful meditation cushions.

Kosha Yoga Co. Eye Pillow

Eye Pillows: The Simplest, Most Effective Prop for Deep Relaxation

An Eye Pillow is typically a small bag filled with flax seeds and/or aromatic herbs that is placed over your eyes when you lie on your back. But this seemingly simple mediation prop, is one of the most powerful and accessible healing tools at our disposal. Know more about their benefits here!