How To Create A Yoga Routine That Fits Your Lifestyle

How To Create A Yoga Routine That Fits Your Lifestyle

Want to make yoga a part of your daily routine but don't know where to start?

The good news is that you aren't alone. Sticking to a consistent routine is something that most people struggle with. 

So we've put together a guide with practical tips and personal anecdotes, that will help you through the process of creating a daily yoga routine that works for you.

Read on to know more.

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The 5 Layers of Being: Pancha Kosha

Rather than just addressing the physical body, yoga ascertains that there are indeed 5 bodies, 5 layers of self or being, that must be addressed for overall healing to take place. Find out more about the Kosha's that we are created from here.

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Patanjali Yoga Sutra: Vikalpa Vritti

Maharishi Patanjali succinctly defines Yoga as: Yoga Citta Vritti Nirodha or Yoga is the cessation of fluctuations of the mindThere are five types of mental fluctuations (or vrittis) which help us get a better understanding of the workings of our mind. Find out more here!